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Your Child
Created with a little help from Mummy & Daddy
Your Child

In the corner of the room there lived a chair,
it was plain and old with no pattern nor flair.

But Your Child knew it was a magical chair,
you could think of a place and it would take you there.

He sat on the cushion and closed his eyes,
and prepared himself for a wondrous surprise.

He imagined places...

There were colourful birds flying all around,
as the magic chair settled on the dusty ground.
By the water Your Child could see a big crocodile,
and the duck billed platypus made him smile.
The Outback is hot in the blazing sun,
the famous Ayers Rock was on the horizon.
In a tree was a koala bear moving very slowly,
and sat in a kangaroo's pouch was a little Joey.
The magic chair was flying free.
The magic chair flew like a hawk,
Your Child
Your Child came to rest in the Central Park snow,
people were skating, some fast and some slow.
He was surrounded by buildings that reached the sky,
The Empire State Building caught Your Child's eye.
There were pigeons, some chipmunks and a raccoon too,
he could see the entrance to the Central Park Zoo.
The 'Big Apple' - as it's known - is a really grand city,
Your Child was so glad he saw The Statue of Liberty.
The magic chair was flying free.
The magic chair glided along
and Your Child
Thud! Your Child landed on the rainforest floor,
the trees were the largest he'd ever seen before.
The Amazon River is one of the longest in the world,
and Your Child could see many animals as the water swirled.
There was a caiman swimming - a cousin of the alligator,
and on a branch was the black jaguar, resting until later.
He saw a parrot and a toucan with a colourful beak,
and a little baby gorilla playing hide and seek.
The magic chair was flying free.
Moving faster than the fastest of trains,
Your Child
The chair landed in the heart of a savannah with a bump,
Your Child spotted a zebra standing next to an old tree stump.
Watching all the amazing animals Your Child was in awe,
He could see a little lion cub and hear its father's roar.
Some hyenas were laughing and playing in the grass,
a large rhino and an ostrich were running really fast.
Eating from the tree tops was a long-necked giraffe,
and Your Child made a friend - a playful elephant calf.
The magic chair was sailing free.
Travelling smoother than an ocean liner,
Your Child
The fireworks were the brightest Your Child had ever seen,
Woooosh! Bang! Filling the sky with white, red and green.
He saw The Great Wall of China - a famous landmark,
and the Chinese lanterns looked like stars in the dark.
Sky-scrapers reached the clouds, they were so tall,
and crowds of people were enjoying the festival.
A Chinese Dragon was decorated in red, gold and blue,
and amongst the trees was a panda munching bamboo.
The magic chair was flying free,
After all the magical places he'd flown,
Your Child

Your Child and the chair settled back on the floor,
he opened his eyes and smiled at what he saw.

From each place he'd been was an amazing toy,
a kangaroo, a dragon and a snow-globe to enjoy.

Your Child will always remember the places he saw,
and now he was eager to see so much more.

He will always cherish that old magic chair,
Maybe tomorrow he'll visit new places

Dear Joseph, Have a Magical Adventure Love Mummy & Daddy x
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