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Your Child
Created with a little help from Mummy & Daddy
Your Child

In the corner of the room there lived a chair,
it was plain and old with no pattern nor flair.

But Your Child knew it was a magical chair,
think of a place and it would take you there.

He sat on the cushion and closed his eyes,
and prepared himself for a Christmas surprise.

He thought of a place too magical to believe...
...hoping to meet Santa on this Christmas Eve!

The Magic Chair was flying free.
To the place where Christmas wishes go,
Your Child
Your Child arrived - a huge smile on his face,
he was in Lapland - such a wonderful place.
In through the window and past the elves,
the letters to Santa flew onto the shelves.
The tree was brimming with fabulous toys,
for the nice list - the good girls and boys.
"I’d like to see Santa," Your Child said, "is he here?"
"He's gone," replied an elf, "to see the Reindeer."
The Magic Chair was flying free.
Flying high on Christmas cheer,
Your Child
The Magic Chair bedded deep in the snow,
but no sign of Santa - no HO HO HO!
An amazing green glow caught Your Child's eye,
as the Northern Lights danced across the sky.
Your Child spotted a reindeer with a nose so bright,
"I stayed behind," said Rudolph, "no fog tonight."
"If it's Santa you are looking for - do not delay,
he went to the ball on his magical sleigh."
The Magic Chair was flying free.
Over forests and mountains so tall,
Your Child
Your Child landed in this marvellous hall
made of ice and snow with a disco ball.
The snowmen looked merry, dancing along,
as a band were playing their favourite song.
A snowman said, "Santa dances here every year,
before his busy night with his sleigh and reindeer."
"You just missed him - he's gone to the lake,
will you stay for pudding or Christmas cake?"
The Magic Chair was flying free.
Floating down like a snowflake,
Your Child
Every year the animals gather to celebrate.
Polar bears, Arctic hares, all come to ice skate.
Your Child smiled at penguins gliding past,
and a clumsy moose skating too fast.
The lake was frozen and the ice was thick,
but where was Santa, where was Saint Nick?
"Santa has left," said a friendly penguin,
"he needs to be quick, the fog is creeping in."
The Magic Chair was sailing free.
Through the fog above, houses and shops,
Your Child
The chair settled on top of a house,
all was still, apart from a mouse.
There was fog in the air and snow on the ground,
"It's so quiet," thought Your Child, "not even a sound."
Through all the windows Your Child could see,
filled stockings and a Christmas tree.
Then he saw him - a glimpse so small...
...Santa did need Rudolph after all!
The Magic Chair was flying free,
After all the magical places he'd flown,
Your Child

Your Child and the chair settled back on the floor,
he opened his eyes and smiled at what he saw.

Santa had made a Christmas delivery,
a big pile of presents under Your Child's tree.

This was a night Your Child would never forget,
the places he'd been and the characters he'd met.

He will always cherish that old magic chair,
maybe tomorrow he'll visit new places...

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