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Your Child
Created with a little help from Mummy & Daddy
Your Child

In the corner of the room there lived a chair,
it was plain and old with no pattern nor flair.

But Your Child knew it was a magical chair,
think of a place and it would take you there.

He sat on the cushion and closed his eyes,
and prepared himself for a wondrous surprise.

He thought of a place back in time...

The Magic Chair was flying free.
Through space and time the chair soared,
Your Child
The chair settled in this prehistoric place,
Your Child was beaming - a smile on his face.
He could see a Stegosaurus walking on by,
and a mighty Tyrannosaurus rex caught his eye.
A volcano erupted shooting lava around,
and the Triceratops' eggs made a hatching sound.
Some dinosaurs were big, others were small,
and the friendly Diplodocus was the longest of all.
The Magic Chair was flying free.
As quick as the turning of a page,
Your Child
The Magic Chair landed in the deep snow,
Your Child saw a frozen world from years ago.
The animals had thick fur to keep the cold out,
like the old moose who was wandering about.
Your Child met a sloth and some friendly deer,
he could hear a sabre-toothed tiger somewhere near.
There were snowy fox cubs - their coats so white,
and the woolly mammoth was a magnificent sight.
The Magic Chair was flying free.
In the portal the chair rocked and flipped,
Your Child
The Magic Chair nestled into the sand,
Your Child was amazed by this ancient land.
Here was the longest river in the world - The Nile,
and Your Child spotted a swimming crocodile.
A startled lizard ran away with a jump,
there was also a snake and a camel with a hump.
Your Child loved the statue of the Sphinx nearby,
and the yellow pyramids that reached to the sky.
The Magic Chair was flying free.
The chair swayed with the clock chimes,
Your Child
The chair landed on the green grassy ground,
as people cheered to a trumpeting sound.
The tournament started and the knights were ready,
dressed in shining armour, their horses steady.
The crowds were enjoying the court jester's show,
and Your Child spotted archery targets, arrows and a bow.
There was a grand castle towering over the field,
and Your Child loved being a knight with sword and shield.
The Magic Chair was sailing free.
The chair began its next manoeuvre,
Your Child
Your Child was amazed at the world yet to come,
new sights to see, new things to be done.
The futuristic buildings soaring so high,
and flying cars shooting across the sky.
Your Child
There were many different robots all around,
and one said "HELLO" with a strange robot sound.
A big screen was showing The Magic Chair Movie,
"WOW... LOOK!" said Your Child "It's starring ME!"
The Magic Chair was flying free,
After all the magical places he'd flown,
Your Child knew

Your Child and the chair settled back on the floor,
he opened his eyes and smiled at what he saw.

Toys from the places on his time travel tour,
a robot, a knight and a green dinosaur.

He will always cherish that old magic chair,
maybe tomorrow he'll visit new places

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